Advantages of Outsourced Printing and Mailing

As business leaders look to optimize the health of their bottom lines, many have found it makes more sense to outsource printing and mailing than to invest in leased equipment and a staff to handle these tasks. Outsourced print and mail companies have the advanced technology, commercial printers and high-volume sorting equipment that most small- to mid-sized businesses (SMB) can’t afford to own or maintain in-house.

Outsourced printing and mailing also allow you to eliminate overtime expenses for employees, as well as the need to manage sudden surges in demand. Depending on the quality of the outsourced provider, this can result in substantial cost savings for your company.

Outsourcing Solutions: Outsourced Printing and Mailing

Because outsourcing providers deal with this type of work regularly, they can offer you discounts on supplies and services that your company may not have access to in-house. In addition, the process of sending large volumes of mail is streamlined and more efficient. For example, the use of presort automation can result in significant postage savings for your company, even on smaller jobs.

Choosing an outsourced print and mail partner can also free up your in-house labor, allowing your employees to spend their time on more valuable work that contributes directly to your business’s goals. In addition, your partner can help you implement a workflow tracking and reporting system that helps you keep tabs on your projects.

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