Harbor City Hemp By Beewell CBD Review

Located in the heart of Boston’s Newbury Street, Harbor city hemp By Beewell CBD is a minority-owned company that employs people who have been negatively impacted by the war on drugs. They are dedicated to giving back to communities that have been ravaged by drug policy and share a percentage of their profits with employees.

What are the health benefits of CBD?

Their tinctures are crafted from the highest quality ingredients, including medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil and full spectrum winterized hemp extract. These ingredients are paired with the terpenes and flavonoids found in the hemp plant to create a softgel that delivers holistic wellness.

Unlike Delta 9 THC, which has psychoactive effects, CBD does not produce intoxicating or euphoric sensations. Instead, CBD produces beneficial effects such as relaxation and stress relief. Moreover, Harbor City Hemp tinctures are THC-free and won’t cause a false positive on a standard drug test.

In order to ensure the safety of their products, Harbor City Hemp makes sure that each batch of their tinctures is tested for cannabinoid potency. Additionally, their source distillates are thoroughly tested for pesticides, residual solvents, and heavy metals. They also have a strict adherence to cGMP compliance to guarantee that their customers receive a safe and high-quality product. In addition, their tinctures are stored in a cool dry place and kept away from heat and light to prevent degradation of the active ingredients. It may take several hours for the full effects of this tincture to kick in and can vary between individuals.

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