Trading 212 Review – Is it Right For You?

Trading 212 Review UK is a free-to-use platform that lets you trade stocks and ETFs without paying commission. However, it charges a small currency conversion fee of 0.15% when buying or selling investments priced in a different currency to the one held in your account. It also has a practice portfolio that you can use to test your skills.

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The company has a clear focus on teaching new investors how to invest and make the most of its platform. It offers a wide range of educational articles and videos to help users understand how the stock market works, including how to read financial statements and explain the difference between different asset classes. However, it is less well-stocked than the research offering at rivals such as IG and eToro.

It doesn’t charge for trading shares or ETFs and there is no commission on ISA accounts (which are tax-efficient). Users can open a practice portfolio with PS50,000 to get a feel for the markets before investing real money. It also offers more than 10,000 investments, including global stocks and ETFs and fractional shares that allow you to buy a share in smaller amounts and build up your holding slowly.

In addition, it doesn’t charge a deposit or withdrawal fee and it allows you to open accounts in the following currencies: UK pounds, euros and US dollars. It doesn’t offer payment for order flow (PFOF), which is where brokers pay money to certain market makers in return for them routing orders your way, but this is a common feature on other DIY investment platforms.

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