Bad Habits That Keep Us From Earning More

Each of us dreams of living a pleasant and dignified life without having to count a penny, wants to earn good money and do the job that he likes and deserves. But it turns out that we can be our own enemies when we distract ourselves from the work process, scatter our attention and waste our energy. As a result, it turns out that our life is not so cloudless and pleasant as we would like. While everything is in our hands, and we can make our existence better, moreover, the main thing is to simply organize ourselves .

Social media is a very popular way to communicate and express yourself these days. Much has already been said about the fact that they can not only entertain, but literally steal a lot of our time. And okay, if the time is free, and not intended for work. That is, if you are on popular social networks during working hours, this needs to be corrected, and urgently. Just forbid yourself from visiting the relevant sites until you have completed at least the bulk of the planned work.

The same goes for web surfing in general. Surely each of you has a set of favorite sites – informational, entertainment, thematic – that are so interesting to look at before starting your working day. Again, limit viewing the pages you are interested in for half an hour if there is no way to put off surfing the Web until your lunch break or return home.

You shouldn’t listen to music while working . Especially if you’re working on an important assignment or project that needs your full attention. After all, listening to music, and especially your favorite tracks, will not allow you to concentrate 100% on your work. It is better to plunge into the world of melodies on the way home, or at least when doing simple monotonous tasks, but not while working on a serious task.

Long lunch breaks are a nice little thing for a long day at work. But in many cases, even an hour is too long – in large part due to the fact that a long meal and afternoon relaxation can take away from you the time that you would have spent making money. 15–20 minutes is enough to distract yourself, relax and refresh yourself in the interval between brainstorming and the implementation of all brilliant ideas.

If you are not yet employed and are waiting for an ideal vacancy for you , my advice to you is to do something that will help you not only get temporary income, but also some experience in the necessary and interesting area for you. Let it not be your dream job, but at least a step towards it, because gaining experience and the opportunity to feel confident in a future interview with a new employer is already a lot. Plus, you will not sit without money, in the form of an unrecognized genius.

The inability to communicate with people can prevent you not only from getting a promotion (and a corresponding increase in salary), but also from getting along with colleagues. Or miss that very vacancy of your dreams – just because you do not know how to present yourself, how to conduct “salon” conversations and how to charm the interlocutor.

You can earn more … by simply asking for a pay raise . The main thing is not to wait for the perfect moment, because this will never come by itself. Take the bull by the horns, start a conversation with your boss today, now. However, I do not advise those unprepared for such negotiations; think about how you will present your advantages and benefits to the employer. Describe your merits and in this way argue that you earned a promotion. Another option is to ask your boss directly what you need to do for the company to earn a promotion.

This point is especially relevant for freelancers and those whose working hours are determined by themselves. Don’t sleep long! An extra hour and a half in the morning will help you do more and, accordingly, get more in the end in monetary terms. If you are an owl, and you cannot physically get up earlier, then spend the same hour and a half at work in the evening. The principle is the same, and the result is worth the effort, if getting more is both the desire and the need.

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