Fast Action Doors

Fast action doors are a popular solution for commercial premises with high levels of traffic. They provide speedy access whilst maintaining a secure environment and reducing energy costs. They also allow workflow to continue uninterrupted. With opening speeds up to 3m/sec and closing times of 1m/sec, these doors are designed with safety as the key feature. Depending on specification, they are fitted with photo-cells, contact safety edges and visible (and audible) alarms to prevent collisions. If an obstruction is detected during door closure, the curtain is instantly braked and reversed, avoiding any impact with vehicles and pedestrians.

They are commonly used in environments such as garden centres with regular movement of goods between inside and outside throughout the day, warehouses and distribution centres where speed of access is vital to productivity, or refrigerated areas where contamination and temperature control is essential. Due to their rapid opening and closing times they are highly effective in preventing heat loss and creating energy efficiency savings, as well as keeping noise pollution low, especially when fitted with additional insulation.

Fast Action Doors: Improving Workflow in Commercial Spaces

The Protek range of fast action doors are supplied with a self-supporting frame structure and counterbalancing system, utilizing weights to give a smooth operation with little or no manual effort. The electrical drive gear is housed within this frame and can be accessed from either side of the door. The safety features and operating controls are also contained in this section of the frame, giving you a fully integrated solution, including easy to maintain electrical, mechanical and safety devices.

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