Financially Problematic People Who Can’t Avoid Debt

Friend has a fancy gadget? Be sure to buy yourself one, or even cooler, so that he is already jealous. Did a colleague take an unusual vacation? You just need to surpass him now. Such a merry-go-round can last a lifetime, but who needs such a race? Perhaps the match problem is only in your imagination? The most important thing is to live your own life, not someone else’s. If you think about it and assess the situation sensibly, you can understand that absolutely no one needs this leapfrog with the “who – whom” competition. And do not be her, your personal finances will only benefit.

The second class of financially problematic people are those who want everything and more , and preferably as soon as possible, right now . That is, saving up cash for the desired acquisition is not as exciting as going right there and buying it – albeit for credit funds. And let it be necessary to give them away, already using the purchased thing, and it is not scary that the thing may lose its relevance, break down, cease to interest you even before you pay off the loan. The main thing is to buy now, it’s not scary that overpaying and with the prospect of working for interest.

The third category of careless squandering people are those who still dream of living like people in American TV shows (or just ordinary people abroad – who have what ideals). Namely, to own a home and a car, and preferably not the most inferior or modest ones. You can also add to this list a passion for travel abroad and other delights of a well-fed life. It’s great if you can afford all this without getting into debt. But are the benefits worth it to work hard to pay for them (and payments on all loans)? According to statistics, it is American citizens who suffer most from debt on loans.

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