How Much Would it Cost to Live on a Cruise Ship?

The idea of being cooked for and pampered while whisked around the world is certainly an alluring one. However, if you were to take the plunge and live on a cost to live on a cruise ship full-time, how much would it cost?

Can you live permanently on a cruise ship?

The answer depends on what type of cruise you choose and how long you want to stay. For example, if you opt for one of the specialist ships designed to be permanent residences at sea (such as the MV Narrative from Storylines or the MV Gemini for Life at Sea Cruises) you could pay less than the average UK care home monthly rate of £2,500, though this figure is based on a two-person share.

You will also have to factor in annual fees. Whether you opt for the more established The World Residences at Sea or the newer Storylines residential fleet, fees range from around $113,000 a year for a studio to over $200,000 for a three-bedroom option. These cover things such as maintenance and staff salaries.

Another key point to consider is the cost of your belongings. Cruise lines have limited storage space so you will have to downsize or rent off-site storage if you wish to bring more personal items with you.

In terms of living costs, our friends in Santa Monica, California tell us that the rent for their two-bedroom apartment is $4,000 a month and their utilities come to $1,000. Adding in their car payments and insurance, they spend around $5,000 on day-to-day living at sea — though this isn’t including meals.

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