The Real World AI by Andrew Tate

The Real World AI by Andrew Tate

An excellent book that introduces the basics of the real world log in with a unifying perspective that naturally lends itself to the modern trend toward distributed AI. It covers a wide range of topics including problem-solving methods for agents embedded in task environments, search methods that take resource constraints into account, and logical or categorical knowledge.

The book is a practical handbook on an increasingly important field, written in a style that makes it accessible to both novices and specialists. It features a wealth of practical examples and exercises, a comprehensive glossary, and a well-researched bibliography. It also includes features not often found in AI textbooks: a very thorough index and a set of useful “Historical Notes” sections that are both informative and entertaining.

The Real World AI Renaissance: Andrew Tate’s Vision

Founded by multimillionaire Andrew Tate, the former European champion kickboxer and entrepreneur, The Real World AI is a global community of individuals striving for financial freedom and wealth. Previously known as Hustlers University, the platform offers its members daily educational videos with advanced business strategies and access to resources and mentorship from entrepreneurs. Despite accusations of misogyny, the platform has managed to attract a large community of followers who are willing to pay $50/month for an introduction to online money-making methods.

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