How to Choose a Digital Score Board for Your Sports Facility

A Digital Score Board enables sports facilities to display relevant real-time data for their audiences while increasing player and fan engagement. These advanced displays also offer many benefits to facility owners, including cost savings and potential revenue generation from in-game advertising.

When it comes to choosing the right scoreboard for your facility, you should first consider what type of information you want to display. If you’re just looking for scores, time, and other basic data points, a traditional scoreboard may be the best option for you. However, if you’re looking for more than just text and numbers, you should consider a hybrid or full video display.

Game-Changing Displays: The Impact of Digital Scoreboards in Sports Arenas

In the past, digital control signals were transmitted over AC wires that provided power to the scoreboard or through radio transmission using a frequency shift keying (FSK) method with two different frequencies representing binary 0 and 1. A recent technology called spread spectrum permits much more robust and reliable transmission of digital data at higher rates than previously possible.

Daktronics has introduced a scoreboard that displays trailing team score numbers in red and leading team score numbers in green, but this feature is currently limited to high school facilities as the bylaws of most major sports sanctioning bodies require that both teams be displayed in the same color. Newer, more advanced LED and full video scoreboards look amazing and can offer the opportunity to better monetise your audience through entertaining video content or sponsorship messages.

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