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roberrts gordon heaters is the industry leader in energy efficient radiant efficiency solutions for industrial and commercial spaces. Our gas-fired infrared heaters “heat like the sun” to keep occupants comfortable with less energy than traditional warm air systems. They are perfect for hard-to-heat high bays, large volume, heavy duty applications such as warehouses, aircraft hangars, vehicle service centers, manufacturing spaces, and agricultural areas including poultry barns, greenhouses and hog barns.

The Benefits of Gordon Ray Heaters

Infrared radiant heating is more energy efficient than other systems, especially when paired with a thermostat that modulates system firing rate to match building heat loss. The ROBERTS GORDON CORAYVAC(tm) Modulating Heating Control uses zone temperature sensors to continuously modulate the system firing rate between 60% and 100% of the designed operating range. This reduces electrical consumption and extends pump motor life.

Designed to be durable, our VANTAGE(tm) Series infrared radiant tube heaters are easy to maintain and provide years of comfort and energy savings. Their fully enclosed burner box keeps space contaminants out and enables easy inspection and maintenance. Their unique design is perfect for a variety of industrial and commercial indoor spaces such as warehouses, vehicle service centers and auto dealerships.

Ideal for agriculture, our agricultural radiant tube heaters create a uniform heat pattern that gently warms chicks, hogs and other livestock to maximize health and yield. They utilize the same patented infrared heating technology used for industrial applications, yet are sized and priced for residential use.

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