Mushroom Dispensary in Ottawa

Psilocybin, the magic mushrooms dispensary canada ingredient in magic mushrooms, is illegal to produce, sell or possess in Canada. But despite that prohibition, stores like Fun Guyz, Shroomyz and the Golden Teacher are popping up in Ottawa’s biggest cities, with customers ranging from micro-dosing mothers to suited-up business folks looking to get off antidepressants.

The owners of these stores say they’re operating in a grey area and not breaking the law. At the Golden Teacher store a 10-minute walk from Parliament Hill, Jordan Armstrong says about 20 people a day stroll into his shop and that number swells to 50 on weekends. He describes his store as a “grey-area research facility” that aims to learn how psilocybin affects people and how to help them have good experiences.

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He says he’s not worried about police raiding his store because, unlike pot shops, psilocybin dispensaries have a minimalist atmosphere with mushroom art on the walls and books about psilocybin. The only thing that’s required to enter the store is identification showing that you’re 19 years old. He says police in other jurisdictions have raided his store and seized products, but the store has reopened after each incident.

Lawyer Eugene Oscapella, who teaches drug law and policy at the University of Ottawa, agrees that the mushroom dispensaries are operating legally if they’re only selling mushrooms and not any products made from those mushrooms, such as edibles. He says the situation is similar to when cannabis shops first opened a few years ago and, as with those businesses, the mushroom stores will likely fade away as Health Canada regulates marijuana retail.

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